Training information

Mountains and rivers
are not the obstacles
on our way.
It is the will.
                                          Hoàng Trí Dzung



Training in ESTEC

  • Tuesdays 18h00 – 20h00 normally in the Dance Room in Escape (the door just before the Video Club).
  • Thursdays 18h00 – 20h00+ normally in the Main Hall in Escape. Though in case of nice weather we might train outside on the football pitch.

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Who can join the training?

Basically everybody can train and practice Vo-Dao-Viet-Nam irrespectively of age, gender, physical condition or strength, flexibility...

What is needed?

For the training outfit generally the only things needed are comfortable trousers and a T-shirt.

No shoes are required.

How much it is?

Since it usually takes some time to find out if you really like to continue training, there is no fee for the first two months.

After this period we agreed on a contribution of €50 per year.

For stagaires the contribution is €25 euro per year.

The contribution should normally be paid in advance and for the whole year.

If a person is leaving or arriving during the year, the contribution may be reduced accordingly by €4.17 or respectively €2.08 per month.

Seminars & Training outside ESTEC

Regular training weekends or seminars with Grand Master Nguyen take place in Aachen, Cologne or Noodwijk about every three months .

These seminars give the possibility to meet and train with Vo-Dao-Viet-Nam Sinh (students) of the other groups.

For advanced students there are monthly seminars in Cologne.

More info on seminars you can find here.

Who to contact for more information?

Chair Name Tel. E-mail
Chairman Torsten Bieler *53495 Torsten.Bieler(a)
Treasurer Stan Heltzel *53675 Stan.Heltzel(a)