A little history on the way to Võ-Đạo-Việt-Nam in the Netherlands

On 20 January 1923 at the age of 37 years Grandmaster Hoàng Tiên founded a Võ-Đạo style. Hoàng Tiên did not name that style or school but it was named by his confidants as Võ-Giam-Quan or Võ-Đạo-Gaim-Quan (Giam: Advisor or Controller, Quan: Minister). People though called the style: Võ-Ong-Dao (Ong: Sir, Dao: Way). This was the first time that this style appeared in relation to the name Võ-Đạo.

Hoàng Tiên accepted his last master student, Hoàng Trí Dzung, in 1966. After several years of training not only Võ-Đạo but also other martial arts and fighting sports such as Tai-Chi, Shao Lin, Judo, Tae-Kwon-Do or Shotokan Karate Hoàng Trí Dzung left Vietnam and moved to Germany. It was there when he started to teach again and established a school under the name Võ-Đạo-Việt-Nam that founding is dated to 29 March 1983.

Since then groups have been launched in different places in Germany like in Bergisch-Gladbach or Cologne. Coming from the group in Bergisch-Gladbach Markus Teltscher founded a group in Aachen in 1991.

Under the supervision of Hoàng Trí Dzung the next step towards Võ-Đạo-Việt-Nam in the Netherlands was done by Torsten Bieler. He went to Noordwijk in the Netherlands after he finished his studies in Aachen.

The first group in the Netherlands began its training in ESTEC on 30 October 2001.