Training Suit

Training Suit - tips and tricks -

Since there is an interest of some people to get a blue suit here are a few instructions:

Step 1: You may buy the suit from and since dyeing the suit works out best with a 100% cotton suit get the simplest karate-suit (like this one).

Step 2: Buy 2 packages of Dylon Navy Blue textile paint available at ETOS.

Step 3:

- Remove all matsuru labels first....

- The paint to be used is Dylon Navy Blue (maybe 2 packages).

- Wash the suit before the painting, even if it is unused (I washed it at 30 °C the first time) (as quoted in the paint manual)

- The paint manual says to wash at 60 °C, the suit label says 30 °C as a maximum. My suit was a bit too big so I painted it at 50 °C and rinsed it at the same temp. It shrunk a little bit.

- I used both the paint packages in one go together with only 500 gr of salt (as quoted in the manual).

- Clean your washing machine by washing at the highest possible temp (90°C). The rubber sealing ring needs to be cleaned with an old towel or spunge and water and soap because the water cannot access it well during a washing program (as quoted in the manual). I had no complaints afterwards.

- RTFM (read the manual) of the paint.......

- The suit loses a bit of colour during the first few washings. But nowadays I always wash it together with other clothes and it never gives off any colour anymore.

Good Luck!!!


And, by the way all mentioned above are only personal opinions. If it doesn't work, don't blame us or this website and of course you can also buy suits and colours of different brands on different websites, in different countries...