Theory and Philosophy

Võ-Học-Việt-Nam (theory and philosophy)

Besides the art of fighting techniques there are two more goals of education, which are the knowledge about Asian theory and philosophy as well as knowledge about medicine. The latter comprises massage, acupressure, acupuncture and the use of herbs for medical purposes. Medical practice of the Far East is based on the Asian theories of Yin-Yang (陰陽 / 阴阳) and the Five Phases (五行), amongst others. They describe the origin of Khi energy and the balance and interaction of Khi (氣 / 气) in the world. Besides great philosophical issues, such as the origin of life and the behaviour of the universe, these theories also provide useful insights on how to live, how to listen to your body and how to handle daily matters. Eastern theories are the basis of Kung Fu techniques taught in Võ-Đạo-Việt-Nam, which can be a welcome balance to the Western approach, in particular in ESTEC’s technical and scientific environment.

On this site you shall find an introduction as well as (in the future) more detailed information on:

  • VÕ-ĐẠO Theory and VÕ-ĐẠO Philosophy
  • DỊCH-HỌC the transformation theory and philosophy on THÁI-CỰC (TAI-CHI) and ÂM-DƯƠNG (YIN-YANG), which leads further to Ngû Hành, Bat Quai...
  • ĐẠO-theory and ĐẠO-philosophy

Yin Yang