Võ-Đạo-Việt-Nam - traditional Vietnamese Martial Art


A savant without fighting exercise is weak.
A fighter without education is violent.
A human should be savant and
at the same time a capable fighter.

                                                              Hoàng Trí Dzung


Võ-Đạo-Việt-Nam (VDVN) was founded in the 1920s. It is a Kung Fu school, which emerged as a synthesis of different martial arts, some of them thousands of years old.

VDVN can be practised by anyone, old or young, male or female, strong or not so strong. Our training doesn’t lay great stress on fast to learn or easy to apply self-defence techniques. Rather on basic- and partner techniques as well as on movements and forms. Coordination, stretching, condition as well as physical power are equivalent elements of the training. None of them plays a superior role.

Important for an effective training are also meditation and so called “Khi-Công-Exercises” with which we try to create harmony between body, spirit and nature.

Our group in Noordwijk exists since 2001 under the umbrella of the SSCC (Social Sport Club Comitee) in ESTEC, the technical centre of ESA (European Space Agency).


Goals of Võ-Đạo-Việt-Nam education

Võ-Thuật-Việt-Nam (art of techniques)

Exercise techniques (exercises for the mind, body-control), fighting techniques (defence, attack, re-attack, variation of forms and techniques), 18 traditional weapons as well as other non-traditional weapons

Võ-Học-Việt-Nam (theory and philosophy)

VÕ-ĐẠO Theory, VÕ-ĐẠO Philosophy, DỊCH-HỌC (transformation theory and philosophy on THÁI-CỰC (TAI-CHI) and ÂM-DƯƠNG (YIN-YANG), ĐẠO-theory and ĐẠO-philosophy

Y-Học-Việt-Nam (medicine / knowledge of medical science)

Herbs, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Psychology