Summer Seminar 2009

ESA/ESTEC Intranet Article from 3 June 2009



International Summer Seminar of the ESTEC Martial Arts Club (June 2009)

3 June 2009
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After the great success two years ago, the Kung Fu group of the ESTEC Martial Arts Club will host once more the summer seminar of Võ-Ðạo-Việt-Nam. Coming weekend, Friday the 5th, from 18:00 till 20:00 hours.
Saturday the 6th, from 10:00 till 18:00 hours.
Sunday the 7th, from 10:00 till 11:30 hours.
ESCAPE will welcome guests from different schools in Italy, Spain and Germany, as grand-master Nguyen will come from Cologne to give training lessons as well as theoretical lectures to this international crowd. 

Võ-Ðạo-Việt-Nam in ESTEC exists since 2001 and this very enthusiastic group trains (at least) twice a week in ESCAPE.

The training includes traditional elements such as meditation, khi-cong as well as tai chi. There is, of course, also physical training with partner- and self-defence techniques and forms, while coordination, stretching, condition as well as physical power are equivalent elements of the training. A lot of fun comes further from training with traditional weapons like sword, sabre, lance, short and long stick to name only a few. With all this we aim to establish a balance to the office day and create harmony between body, mind and nature.

Vo-Dao-Viet-Nam Summer Seminar

In case you are interested in this traditional Vietnamese martial art we invite you to

Visit our website: Vo-Dao-Viet-Nam

• Contact us:
Email -Torsten.Bieler [at], ext. 53495

• Just show up at training to have a look

• Join the training on Tuesdays in the ESCAPE Dance Room at 18:00 and Thursdays in the ESCAPE Main Hall also at 18:00


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Of course you can also pass by to see what is going on at the seminar that will start Friday evening and will end Sunday around noon.